Special Weekend Football Foodie

Over at Ladies, we've started a series called the "Friday Football Foodie" which centers on the third best aspect of football weekends, (behind the games themselves and gambling, respectively), which is the massive amount of eating and drinking you can do while hanging out with your friends. It is the one time of the… » 8/19/07 5:31pm 8/19/07 5:31pm

What to Watch Tonight

What to watch as you finally come to (25 cent beers will do that to you)...
• 7:00 pm — US Championships in Gymnastics [NBC]
• 8:00 pm — Sunday Night Football: Giants at Ravens [NBC]
• 8:00 pm — Sunday Night Baseball: Cardinals at Cubs [ESPN]
Ever say something over a year ago in the comments section that… » 8/19/07 4:45pm 8/19/07 4:45pm

Pacman's Job For The Next Year

You're Pacman Jones. You can't play in the NFL for a year because "The Man" has suspended you. You can't participate in TNA Wrestling because your former team served you with a restraining order pretty much preventing you from doing anything that would cause a scratch on your finger. What is a boy to do with all this… » 8/19/07 4:10pm 8/19/07 4:10pm

My Long Nightmare Might be Over

Oh frabjous day! A report in today's Philadelphia Inquirer says what Phillies Phans have longed to hear since that horrible afternoon of July 26: If he gets the OK from hand surgeon Randall Culp, Chase Utley could be back in the lineup in time for the Mets series at Citizens Bank Park next week. From the article: » 8/19/07 3:15pm 8/19/07 3:15pm

Oookie Agonistes

Compared to much of the sports blogosphere, we lead a blessedly sheltered life here at Deadspin Nation. Admission is limited. There are standards of discourse during business hours. The worst of the trolls are jettisoned with all haste. But in most of the uncharted wilds of the internets, lawlessness is the rule. I… » 8/19/07 2:40pm 8/19/07 2:40pm

More Blue Turf

• A great story about Barrow, Alaska and their new football field. [The Wizard of Odds]
• Carl Everett and his crazy HOF. [SOX & Dawgs]
• A list of the worst sports criminals. [On My List]
Wizznutzz's new t-shirt. [WIZZNUTZZ]
• Loving the sound of clichés. [Signal to Noise]
• Breaking down the last five hitters to win… » 8/19/07 1:54pm 8/19/07 1:54pm

Mia Hamm Would Never Stand for This

This clip from Al-Jazeera (yes, that Al-Jazeera) joins Bend it Like Beckham and Ladybugs in the pantheon of great girls' soccer movies. The best part of the video is the woman who plays keepaway from her two cute little kids. » 8/19/07 12:50pm 8/19/07 12:50pm

Village Person Biker, Crotch-grabber and Quarterback

A new era is dawning in Cleveland. Last night, a newcomer took the field to chants of his name by rabid Browns fans. He was coming off a tragic factory accident that killed his best friend Pete. Number 10 came in right at the end of the game. Perhaps his best friend, Jon Favreau, was there. Maybe Ned Beatty was in the… » 8/19/07 12:30pm 8/19/07 12:30pm

*URP* That sound you just heard was Charlie Weis after he attacked and ate Jimmy Clausen in his blinding rage. The spiky-haired punk was waiting outside Belmont Beverage. Right next to the busiest college bar in town. The police were there? I am SHOCKED! - Log's Blog » 8/19/07 11:45am 8/19/07 11:45am

Goddamn Nibbles!

I'm writing this post from the other side, where Grandpa Nibbles seems to have passed on. I'm dating back an hour, but we've got all these published posts that have yet to appear on the site, and my last three PL liveblog updates have not taken yet. Just want to get mad at the hamster, and this is the outlet I have to… » 8/19/07 11:39am 8/19/07 11:39am

USA Weekend—you know, the glossy publication that comes in your Sunday paper and contains only the finest in easy Sudoku and relationship advice—has an article this weekend about baseball players with blogs. » 8/19/07 11:36am 8/19/07 11:36am

What to Watch This Afternoon

What to watch before you head to Ralphs for some coffee...
• 11:30 am — Napoleon Dynamite [Comedy Central]
• 12:00 pm — Women's Volleyball: AVP Boston Open [NBC]
• 1:00 pm — Futbol Mexicano: UNAM vs. America [Univision]
• 1:00 pm — Xerox Classic [Golf Channel]
• 1:00 pm — Diamondbacks at Braves [TBS]
• 3:15 pm — The… » 8/19/07 10:21am 8/19/07 10:21am

About Last Night

What you missed while trying to decide if it's more annoying that your mentor calls you "Newbie" or a litany of girls names...
• MLS: Despite Beckham's set ups and Landon Donovan's goal, the LA Galaxy still lost to the NY Red Bulls. Red Bulls 5-4 Galaxy
• NFL: Brady Quinn impressed in his first game, but the Browns… » 8/19/07 9:33am 8/19/07 9:33am

Premier League

Sorry for the late start, but had some problems connecting to the wifi here in downtown Chicago. Man U versus Manchester City is already underway, then Arsenal v Blackburn, and finally the big match of the day, Chelsea Liverpool. I'll try to keep running updates as the matches go on and giving some more indepth… » 8/19/07 8:47am 8/19/07 8:47am

[Insert Header Here] (Get it? "Header!" It's a Soccer Joke!)

Surely you've been waiting with bated breath to find out what Marco Materazzi said to Zinedine Zidane that would provoke the shiny-pated Zidane to headbutt the shit out of him during the World Cup last year. (Who hasn't?) In his soon-to-be-released autobiography, Materazzi reveals the now-infamous line. » 8/18/07 6:30pm 8/18/07 6:30pm

We opened the…